Inaugural Statement

On September 10, 2013, deans of engineering institutions from several African countries converged at the 5th African Regional Conference on Engineering Education (ARCEE 2013) to form the African Engineering Deans Council.

In line with the Paris declaration of the Global Engineering Deans Council, we the African deans of engineering institutions, unanimously acknowledge the need for a continental network to empower and enhance the capabilities of deans of regional and national institutions to positively impact engineering education and research.

Thus, the African Engineering Deans Council affirms the commitment of its members with the support of regional and national stakeholders to nuture the development of locally relevant and global engineering and network with one another.

Also on this day, the AEDC inaugural meeting served as a starting point for AEDC activities and discussions with the african engineering community for collaboration networking and enhancement of the engineering education in the region.

  • Executive Committee

    The following are members of the executive committee of AEDC

  • Membership

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